Gun Recall: Some Zev OZ9 Handguns Could Fire Multiple Rounds With A Single Trigger Pull


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Don’t tell the Democrats, but automatic firearms are already under tight restrictions.

That’s true, unless you own a select few Zev OZ9 handguns. While not automatic, some users reported multiple shots fired with a single trigger pull. The company confirmed this, and have since issued a recall and the following press release:

OZ9 Standard (Full Size) Pistol Owner,

We want to thank you for being a ZEV owner—specifically an owner of our OZ9 pistol.  This pistol has turned out to be an amazing success since its launch in February, and we hope that you’ve had the opportunity to spend some good range time with it.  

ZEV Technologies strives for perfection and has experienced very low warranty repair instances with the OZ9.  However, we’ve had a limited number of OZ9 Standard pistol owners report occasional discharge of more than one round with a single trigger pull.  

This has been a difficult issue to diagnose given the low incidence of these reports, our difficulty in replicating the issue and the fact that most of the reported incidents happened only after several thousand rounds had been fired.   However, after exhaustive research we discovered the cause to be a particular tool used by our vendor that wore in such a way that it produced small variations when stamping one of the OZ9 trigger components.   Of course, we have corrected this issue.

While we believe that only a small number of pistols within specific serial number ranges may have been affected, we want to make sure that every potentially impacted OZ9 is performing at its highest level.

Therefore, we are happy to inspect your pistol and replace the trigger at no cost to you.

Please see the instructions below to determine if your pistol is subject to the trigger replacement program.

ZEV maintains high standards, and we strive to exceed your expectations.   But equally important, we also want you to be thrilled by how we value and treat you as a ZEV owner.   We will always stand behind our products.

Matt Ridenour

OZ9 Compact pistols are not affected by this issue.  

Please check your OZ9 Standard (Full Size) Serial number:
ZA00001 through ZA01232
ZB00001 through ZB00760
ZEV-OZ0060 through ZEV-OZ1187

If you have an OZ9 with a serial number in one of the affected ranges, ZEV will pay the cost of shipping your pistol to us, as well as the cost of return shipping back to you.  The entire OZ9 Standard trigger replacement program will be at no cost to you and will take less than two weeks.  

Please contact us at [email protected] and make sure to include:

Serial Number of your OZ9
Email Address
Mailing Address
Telephone Number

We will then be in touch to provide you with a prepaid shipping label to begin the process.

Note: Your OZ9 can be shipped directly to ZEV and directly back to you, its owner.


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