Shooting and Fight at Dallas Luxury Apartment Complex Leaves 3 Injured


DALLAS, TEXAS — An incident at the Brady Luxury Apartments, located near the 2700 block of Cedar Springs Road, left one with a gunshot wound and two others with fight-related injuries.

Police say that two men who were kicked off the property on Tuesday returned Wednesday evening around 11:30 p.m. and became involved in an argument with the concierge.

One of the men dropped a gun in the lobby before both fled outside and got into a SUV. The concierge, armed with the gun that he picked up from the lobby floor, ran outside as well.  The driver of the SUV attempted to run over the concierge, who fired a single shot and struck the driver in the face.

The driver was transported to a local hospital and listed in critical condition.  The other trespasser and the concierge were also transported to hospitals for treatment of injuries sustained in a fight. It is not known if the men were residents or former residents of the property, or what charges may be pending.

A vehicle can obviously be considered as a deadly weapon when used in an attempted assault on a person, and the concierge was acting in self-defense when he shot the driver; however, the question will be whether he should have given chase to the fleeing suspects and put himself in a compromised circumstance or if he should have simply secured the dropped gun and called police.

Once again, we see a citizen pursuing fleeing suspects after the initial threat is over, and as is so often the case, escalating the situation by unnecessarily putting themselves back into harm’s way for a second time. The identity of the men was apparently known from the day before, and a luxury apartment complex should have images from multiple surveillance camera, both of which could be given to police to assist them in locating the subjects after they had left the property.

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