Armed Citizen Shoots Man With Crowbar During Road Rage Incident In Texas

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS — Two people were involved in what police believe was a road rage incident, and it ended with shots fired and one person going to the hospital.

It began when a driver was allegedly cut off by another, and the driver that was cut off got out of his car and approached the other driver with a crowbar. The other driver was armed with a gun.

That’s when the gunman fired once, and the other man started hitting the shooter’s truck with the crowbar, deputies said. Bruce said the shooter then fired at the man, grazing him in the forehead and hand.


The armed man took off and called police a few blocks away. He has been cooperating with police, but apparently the crowbar-wielding man wasn’t.

It sounds as though the armed citizen may have fired a warning shot at first, and when the other driver advanced with the crowbar and began striking his vehicle, he then fired directly at him. If so, that’s a clear indication that warning shots are a bad idea and may go unnoticed completely. Or the guy just didn’t care and had a death wish.

No charges have been filed at this time.

Never forget how quickly road rage can escalate, and always do what you can to be courteous while driving, and always do what you can to avoid any negative encounters. In the end, it’s not worth it, and it never will be.


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