Bystander Weaponizes Car Against Moto Robbers


A pair of robbers were in the middle of the commission of a crime when a bystander, who happened to be driving, decided to intervene and force the criminals to do their best deer-turned-roadkill impression.

The two robbers, who appear to be be armed with at least one handgun, although the footage is pretty grainy, were close to completing their crime at the time of the hit.

While both were likely stunned, one of the two had their leg visibly and badly broken. According to Active Self Protection, the injured man turned himself into the hospital shortly thereafter and was arrested.

Take a look at the video below, and when you do, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would you intervene were you the driver of that SUV?
  • If you did intervene, would you leave immediately after that first strike?


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Josiah is a veteran writer and active voice in the gun community. He is passionate about not only ensuring that American citizens know their rights, but why they have those rights and what a gift it is to be in a country that acknowledges their God-given freedoms. His standard concealed carry rig is a Tristar T-100 in 9mm settled comfortably in a Quick Click and Carry Holster made by JM4 Tactical.

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