Introducing the RIA 5.0 From Rock Island Armory: “I Have Never Been This Impressed…”


Rock Island Armory is known for a wide variety of firearms products — most of my friends know them for quality, entry-level 1911s. They’ve now added a new, more premium option for their firearm lineup — the RIA 5.0. And people are losing their ever-loving minds. What is it? The RIA 5.0, which the Armscor […]

SHOT Show Reveal: PSA Drops STG-44 Replica, Announces New “Battlefield” Line


Palmetto State Armory’s at it again. The same company that brought us the Rock and Dagger is taking a leap into yesteryear with a replica of the German-made STG-44. It’s part of what’s being called the Battlefield line, which is PSA doing what a bunch of history nerds have been hoping for for years. PSA […]

[WATCH] Forget Range Day, Man Builds Gun Range In His Own Basement


YouTuber The Collector has a thing for firearms, and he recently took it to the next level with an indoor range to rival any you’ve ever seen. It should be good. He spent $400,000 on it. It’s not even a run-of-the-mill range. It’s as bougie as imaginable. He’s nearly sound-proofed it so he doesn’t inconvenience […]